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heal one AHA Moment at a time!

break through the limitations & unleash your potential!

I am here to help you break down your dreams to bite size, doable pieces. I help you accomplish your goals one step at a time - one AHA moment at a time. Let's break through any limitations & unleash your potential!


Reiki helps with stress reduction & relaxation that promotes healing.

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Mountain Path

coaching + reiki

Coaching + Reiki package is the best of both worlds. After working hard on removing life's road blocks, treat yourself to a relaxing reiki session.

Planet and Moon

AHA's Mystical chakra balance session

This signature session is a favorite among my clients! I help to bring back the unity within you. This is a 60-90 minute chakra reading and balancing session with an intuitive reading. 

Reiki Treatment


With life's many challenges, Reiki can help with balancing your energy body, reduce stress, increases relaxation & promotes the body's ability to heal.


"Carla is very professional and a knowledgeable wellness coach. I really enjoyed my Reiki sessions with her, and I would highly recommend AHA Coaching & Wellness."

- Markeeta Smith

"I had my first Reiki session with Carla and it was an incredible experience."

- Briana Agnew

"Carla is amazing! She felt the areas that needed the work and went straight to them. Truly gifted!"

- Natalie Enclade

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