Hello, hello and welcome to Amazing Hibiscus Awakenings!

I am a holistic life coach. I have been in the mental health field, personally and professionally for 20+ years. My passion is helping women and young adults create a balanced and fulfilling life. Think of me as an action-oriented mentor or accountability partner who is there to help you reach your goals. 


Amazing Hibiscus Awakenings (AHA) represents the different AHA moments we all experience along our life journey as we grow personally and spiritually. When I created this company, I envisioned helping as many people as possible to blossom or awaken like the beautiful hibiscus flower.  

Join me in living life one AHA moment at a time!

Wishing you many blessings,

Coach Carla


If you want to know the story behind how I came up with Amazing Hibiscus Awakenings, check out my blog.