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Amazing Hibiscus Awakenings. What kind of name is that?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Many times when I tell someone my business name their response is usually, "What kind of name is that?". God only knows what they are really saying in the mind. LOL. Believe it or not, I did give the name of my business some serious thought and consideration. No really, I did!

So, when someone is creating their business, a name is needed, right? Or so I’m told. So like most people, I sat down to brainstorm on what that name should be. There are all kinds of information on the internet about choosing the right name. To be honest, it made me a little anxious. On one of the many occasions that I was brainstorming and throwing around ideas; create aha moments came to me. I thought it would be really cool if the acronym for the business name would be A.H.A. This became key because aha moments really are the center of my business.

Aha moments are those life changing, defining moments we experience throughout our life. I love when I have my own aha moments. It is one of those moments when you know you're stretching and growing. I especially love being a part of helping others have and experience their own aha moments.

During my brainstorming session, I threw around words that started with the letter A. This is where amazing and awakenings were chosen. Stay with me here. If you think about it, the words amazing and awakenings are the heart of an aha moment. An aha moment is an amazing awakening. Perfect! Half way there. That just left the letter H. No word I came up with sounded just right. After some thought (and wine), flowers came to mind. When a flower blooms, it is truly an amazing awakening. Ok, so now what flower do I use? What about the lotus flower? The lotus flower grows in muddy waters and rises above the surface to bloom with such remarkable beauty. This gorgeous flower would have been the perfect choice. Unfortunately for me, lotus starts with the letter L. Sad face! Then the light bulb went off. Hibiscus! The hibiscus flower is indicative of the Caribbean and I was born in the Virgin Islands. Yes! The hibiscus flower is associated with wealth and fame. It also symbolizes women and youthful beauty. Perfect! Hence, Amazing Hibiscus Awakenings was born. It may sound weird to some but I love it. It holds deep meaning for me. Come join me in living life one AHA moment at a time!

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Coach Carla

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